Songs of Faith

Through my years of faith, I’ve written some poems…some of which turned into songs. Piano music just comes to me, and in 2006 I recorded some of the piano music. This year, I began the process of recording more music. Some of those poem/songs are now recorded!

I still have a few more songs to record. Then to finish the cd with the mastering process, getting it all up and available for downloading, all of which I will have to relearn!

Some of the titles: Seeking the Truth (is not always easy), Down in the Depths (the bottom of my soul), You Are My Son (written for a family who lost their young son due to an accident), the St. Michael the Archangel prayer to music and more…..

The music has been a true gift….to be shared…my way of sharing what the Lord has done for me! My website has more about the music…..see you soon, I hope. Would love to play for you, and share stories of faith and conversion!

Patrice Egging: Music and Ministry