Mary Meditation, perhaps

found in a journal, date unknown…by me…

Lord, in  Your mercy

Draw me into Your Heart

Allow me to put away distractions

The many distractions –

You are – You ARE –


and i am not

i am small – without you-

and small in many ways


Show me the Path of Life

Lead me in Your Ways

Forgive me for ignoring you-

& Your Mother –

Mary – you are a patient mother


i am not

i am impatient

i forget to pray

i forget to ask & to listen

i am too busy worrying & controlling


Hail Mary –

Mary, Listen!

Oh, how arrogantly I address you

You speak on behalf of Your Son

& my ears are full of the World –


Hail, Mary – Full of Grace!

-oh how empty I have been


The Lord is with You!

Lord-come back to be my companion!

Oh-You’ve been there all day?

& I’ve ignored You?

Forgive me….


Blessed Art Thou Among Women

And I treat you…?? Ignore..

Help me to imitate Your Motherhood & feminity-


& Blessed is the Fruit of Your Womb, Jesus

Dear, Sweet, Holy – Jesus-


Holy Mary – Mother of God –

May I revere You & Your Son



Pray for us sinners,

i, the greatest sinner





And at the hour of our death

be with me, & all my loved ones






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