A New Angel..or is She a Saint?

Angel…or Saint? The question has become very personal…again. I’m sure that many of you have been in a similar dilemma.

Sadness or Joy? Which?

When you lose a precious granddaughter…stillborn…the SORROW that floods your heart, soul, mind and body is undescribeable

unless you’ve been there..

Violet Eileen is her sweet name..and she is in Heaven. That I believe with my whole heart. Is she a little Angel?  or a Saint?

So many casually say Angel..and I would have to, except after really thinking about it. Angels are created by God as Angels. Humans are created Human. Only humans can become Saints. My logic is not very deep or theological, but I think it is true, according to Scripture and to what the Church teaches.

So…in addition to the Sorrow….there’s a great JOY in my heart, too.

I will never understand why this happened.

My son and daughter-in-law are heart broken.

I can’t fix it…..I can’t hug this away…I can’t kiss the owie…I can’t rock them and comfort them…their sorrow is incredibly deep and raw and continues…and will continue. I struggle with knowing how to help…what to say…should I call them….what can I do….what is too much…what is too little….

My understanding of how they might feel includes my loss of the three miscarried babies….but it’s not the same…it’s not THEIR loss…I can’t feel their pain…I only comprehend it from my perspective, not theirs.

My sharing of this helps me…but at the same time, I hope it does nothing to complicate their pain…

So…to the little Saint in Heaven….I pray she will be able to help where I can do nothing. I pray that our pain and sorrow that is so often just the groaning and moaning and not being able to express in words the depth of this sorrow….I hope that she can hear and be able to assist us in understanding this…

I hope we all will be able to grow in the Trust of God Who Knows ALL things and knows how to work them out for HIS GOOD….and ours, too. I have no understanding how He can, and will, take such pain…and turn it into Joy. But I believe He can, and He will…..

Come, Lord Jesus…..Come, Holy Spirit…..Come, God, My Father……give us all Your Peace.


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