One Child? A Nightmare!!

I had a dream last night…a thought occurred to me in the dream. Probably more aptly called a Nightmare!!

'fat baby' photo (c) 2007, Ernie - license: One Child…..

From LifeSite News:  Chinese President: One-child policy stays

The continuing demographic shift threatens to weigh heavily on the country’s youth, with many fearing the future effects of the so-called upside-down pyramid, where one child must care for two parents and four grandparents. Additionally, some experts are speculating that the huge gender imbalance in the country, thanks to sex-selective abortion, will lead to social unrest, with millions of young men unable to find brides.

Our President wants to make birth control “free” via the new (choke) healthcare system. As if being pregnant is a disease for which we need to protect ourselves from, via a pill. The Planned Parenthood crew loves this idea.

Offering his support for the Obama administration’s recent decision to cover birth control and drugs that can cause abortion, Norman Fleishman condemned the world’s population growth. “Unless we act (this legislation, along with China’s ‘one child’ policy, is a start), the world is doomed to strangle among coils of pitiless exponential growth,” he wrote.

What does this have to do with being a Catholic? Much, I would say.

First, when you say you are a Catholic, you are saying that you will be open to Life…to having and raising children. This does not mean you will be barefoot and pregnant forever! But Open to God’s plan for you and the children He will bless you with. Planned Parenthood is the anti-thesis to this idea. They don’t want to plan Parenthood, but would want you to plan for the death of any child that God planned. Same deal with China….They want to be GOD and make decisions which do not belong to them.

Secondly, China and PP are definitely anti-Catholic in general. China recently had their “State Catholic Church” ordain Bishops…but not with any ties to the Church Universal and our Holy Father. So…now the State can control what the “Chinese Catholic Church” teaches, which will surely have birth control and abortion as sacraments. The Official Catholic Church has one Bishop approved by Rome, Bishop Jin Luxian'Speaker Pelosi and Bishop Jin Luxian' photo (c) 2009, Nancy Pelosi - license:  shown here with Nancy Pelosi. I do not recall Nancy being very pro-life. A contradiction.

I would venture to guess that PP preaches their “Gospel” in much the same way.  Sick…sick…religion.

If I lived in China, where the one child policy is mandated, my family would consist of Mike, myself, and my son Matthew. That’s it. My first born Daughter would probably have been selectively aborted. That eliminates her, and 4 grandchildren. The rest of my children, 2 sons and 2 daughters would not be here. Another 5 grandchildren gone, too. Matt and his wife are expecting their first….daughter….however little “Critter” as they fondly refer to her Unborn-ness”…would not have survived the selective abortion trend…probably.

If I agreed with PP and China,  this group of stick horse racers would not exist. And that would be a shame. And a grievous sin.  Thank the Good God in Heaven that I am a Catholic! I have a faithful Catholic Husband, 6 beautiful children, 4 awesome son & daughter-in laws, and 9 …almost 10, counting Critter… GRANDCHILDREN.!!!!! Our little army will do our part to save the world from tyranny and hatred of babies!!   Do I hear any AMENS!!!????


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